1968 Chevrolet Chevelle Malibu

June, 2001

The Story--

            From the moment Dean set on eyes on his best friend's older brother's 1969 Chevelle back when the car made it's first appearance, he knew that he would have to own one for himself one day.  Years pass, and by the early spring of 2000, he's decided that it's finally time to find himself a muscle car.

            After much investigating, we found that '69 Chevelles are very desirable cars, and priced accordingly.  We looked at everything from Corvair station-wagons to '66 thru '69 Mustangs, but Dean knew that nothing would fill this "void" like his one true favorite.  That was the dilemma, though-- he wanted a clean, near-finished Chevelle, but he didn't want to have to pay $15,000 to get it.  The answer?  Buy a 1968 instead!

            We found this super-clean specimen about three hours away from our store.  Just a basic 1968 Malibu with a 307ci V-8 and a 2-speed Powerglide transmission.  No rust in sight, and an especially clean undercarriage.  Word had it that the car had spent the majority of its life in California, a brief stint in Arkansas, and then it had been up near the Michigan/Indiana border for about two years before we picked it up.  All that time in the dry, hot climates of the west had pretty much destroyed its weather-stripping and much of its interior, but other than that, it was a real jewel to build upon.  Here's how she looked when Dean first bought the car:

        The weather-stripping was replaced, the interior recovered, and the vinyl roof was removed and smoothed back over with perfectly matching white paint.  Firehawk replica radial tires and 14-inch Cragar SS's now carry the weight of the beast where factory Rally's once stood.  The puny 307 was swapped out in favor of a more formidable 300 horsepower 350, and a Turbo 350 3-speed automatic transmission took the place of the original Powerglide.  A 2-1/2 inch Flowmaster exhaust system wraps the whole package up.  Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the final result:

UPDATE, April 2002:

Dean hasn't exactly been satisfied with the stance of the car since the day he bought it.  He has always thought it sat too low, and he wants it to sit about as high as an SS model would.  He is experimenting with different front and rear spring heights right now.  After two complete spring swaps, the Chevelle now sits very high in the front-- about two whole inches higher than the rear.  While Dean persists with his spring swapping, I have been giving him the simplest answer of all: the extra 150 pounds of a big-block would level things right out.   It also looks like a 4-speed automatic with overdrive could be in the works...

UPDATE, April 2002:

It looks like with the help of VERY large rear spring spacers, Dean has leveled the car out.  It sits pretty high now, but at least it's level.  I will try to have some new pics of the car uploaded soon.  It's a pretty dramatic difference.

ALSO-- please send any comments you may have for Dean regarding his Chevelle to deanshobbystop@comcast.net